Nokyoung Xayasane
January 30, 2013

6 Game Show Contestants Losing Their Freakin’ Minds (VIDEOS)

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Some people are game show fanatics. They have heart-shaped photos of Bob Parker or Pat Sajak on their walls.

They’ve memorized all the best answers on Jeopardy. They can even guess the price of a jar of peanut butter within the dollar.

But what happens when these game show fanatics finally have their dreams realized and find themselves on an actual game show?

They go nuts, that’s what.

Check out these side-splitting videos of game show contestants who lose their freakin’ minds.

1. You had me at “Come on down”!

This woman is either a) having an out-of-body experience or b) having contractions on The Price Is Right. You be the judge.

2. This guy loses in the game of life

This is on Funny or Die, so it’s probably not real, but it’s hilarious nonetheless. Watch this guy go batshit crazy on the reality show Ton of Cash. Keep watching until the end when he has an all-out freak-out.

3. Someone get this woman some water!

One woman was so excited to be on the Australian version of The Price Is Right that she had a nervous breakdown. She was crying hysterically and even needed some water to calm her nerves. Someone call a doctor.

4. Rats are a girl’s best friend?

This woman didn’t know what she signed up for when she decided to go on this radio game show. Apparently, she had to stick her hands into a covered box and guess what the contents were. Her blood-curdling screams would be terrifying if they weren’t so hilarious.

5. I’m just looking for love, goddamit!

This is the funniest blind date interview I’ve ever seen. It starts out innocent enough: just a normal dude looking for love on a game show. Then things quickly devolve. The guy appears to have an emotional epileptic seizure. Please, let this freakout be real! Please!

6. Yeah Bob Barker!

Watch Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad totally lose it on The Price Is Right. Before Jesse Pinkman made it big in the meth world, he was flippin’ his lid over Bob Barker. Yeah science! I mean, yeah Bob Barker!

Honorable Mention: Where in the world is Keyboard Cat when you need him?

In this episode of Where in the World Is Carmen SanDiego, this kid just doesn’t know when to stop talking. Play him off, Keyboard Cat. According to the uploader, “Keyboard Cat hates geography and nerds.” Why so harsh, musical kitty?