Amanda Pendolino
January 30, 2013

300 Motorcycles Block Freeway in LA so Guy Can Propose (VIDEO)

Does your love stop traffic? Hector “Tank” Martinez‘s sure does.

NBC LA reports that Martinez went so far as to get 300 of his biker buddies to block the 10 Freeway in West Covina, about 20 miles east of Los Angeles, all in an elaborate proposal stunt.

Martinez’s girlfriend, Paige Hernandez, thought her boyfriend had simply taken her out for their usual Sunday ride. But when their biker buddies all stopped and Martinez’s motorcycle started to emit a giant cloud of pink smoke, it was clear that something was up. Martinez, who had been planning the proposal for months, got down on one knee and proposed. Take a look:

Hernandez was shocked — but after she took her helmet off, she said yes.

Unfortunately, some of the bikers involved won’t have such a happy ending. About 20 motorcyclists were cited for traffic violations that occurred on surface streets after the proposal, and could be charged with various misdemeanors and even felonies for impeding traffic.

“It’s a public safety issue as well,” said CHP Officer Jose Barrios. “Reckless driving, stopping when it’s not an emergency stop — just a few of the violations they were committing at the time.”

Sounds romantic, huh? Would you want your guy to stop traffic to propose?