Nokyoung Xayasane
January 29, 2013

Chris Brown Compares Himself to Jesus After Frank Ocean Brawl

Via: dailyrepublic.com

Chris Brown isn’t one for subtlety. The guy can’t keep his mouth shut and apparently thinks the world of himself.

He demonstrated this recently when he compared himself to Jesus. Yeah, the son of God.

It seems that Brown feels he’s being unfairly persecuted in the wake of his recent brawl with fellow R&B singer Frank Ocean.

Ocean reportedly wants Brown to be charged for the fight that broke out between the two singers and their entourages during a parking space disagreement on Sunday. Brown, however, thinks he wasn’t in the wrong.

So, he took to the canvas to express his feelings. Here’s his inner artist working out his inner turmoil in this depiction of Jesus on the cross:

Photo credit: Chris Brown/ Instagram

“Painting the way I feel today,” he wrote in a caption. “Focus on what matters!”

It’s true; the comparison couldn’t be more accurate. Jesus died on the cross for the sins of mankind and Brown was… uh… publicly held accountable for his actions? Okay, maybe they’re not so similar after all.