Charlotte Hannah
January 25, 2013

Students Elect Boy With Neurological Disorder as Homecoming King (VIDEO)

Photo credit: ABC News

Jesse Cooper, Drew Gibbs and Zeke Grissom were all nominated for the title of homecoming king at Unionville Community High School in Tennessee. But they knew there was someone who would appreciate winning the title more than they ever could. That’s why they decided that no matter which of them ultimately won the title, they’d give it to Scotty Maloney.

Maloney, a junior at Unionville, has Williams Syndrome – a rare neurodevelopmental disorder that causes developmental delays and learning disabilities. He’s been described by his classmates as someone who can “make a gloomy day bright.”

After it was officially decided that Cooper had won the popular vote, Unionville’s principal announced to the school that the three nominees had decided Maloney would be crowned homecoming king. In an emotional scene, Maloney was given a standing ovation by the entire school.

“When they called [Scotty’s] name, his eyes got really big and I don’t know that he registered exactly what was happening. He knew something was,” said teacher Liz Hestle Gassaway.

“I think I saw Scotty shed a few tears. I know Jesse was pretty emotional. We were all emotional out there on the court,” said Grissom, of the general mood following the announcement.

Cooper was humble about his decision to turn the title over to Maloney.

“I’ve been blessed with so many things,” Cooper explained to WKRN-TV. “I just wanted Scotty to experience something great in his high school days.”

Scotty hasn’t taken his medal off his neck yet. He described his win as “so awesome.”

Warning: if you watch this video, you will cry. Enjoy.

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