Charlotte Hannah
January 24, 2013

Canadian Coffee Chain Makes Mug With Ryan Gosling’s Face On It

Ryan Gosling is one of Canada’s hottest exports, so it’s only fitting that Tim Horton’s, Canada’s most ubiquitous chain of coffee shops, put his mug on a mug full of hot coffee. Behold:

It all started when Gosling gave an interview to Tribute.ca, in which he discussed his role in Gangster Squad and lamented that the film’s marketing efforts didn’t involve putting his face on a cup.

“My first gangster movie was Dick Tracy, which I was a really big fan of. I collected all the Burger King cups, had posters and I thought I might get a cup out of this deal. It’s not happened…Doing the marketing for the film now, it’s like how is a cup going to come into the picture,” Gosling told the site.

He finished the interview with a plea to Canada’s most popular coffee chain:

“Could we get a Tim [Horton]’s mug for Gangster Squad, please?”

As it turns out, what the Gos wants, the Gos gets. After Buffalo.com published an article in support of a Gosling mug, Tim Horton’s delivered.

The bad news is, you won’t be able to stare longingly at the Gos as you sip your next extra large double double (that’s Canadian for coffee with double cream, double sugar). The mug was a one-off, and won’t be mass produced. To which I say: we have the special holiday cups. Why can’t we have the special Gosling mugs? Let’s make this happen, Tim’s.

The good news? It’s really easy to get stuff printed on a mug. Just buy a plain mug, take it to your nearest Costco and get it Goslified. Then, send us a picture!