Nokyoung Xayasane
January 23, 2013

Warning: Sex With an Ex Is Officially Bad News


Breakups really suck. What sucks even more is how tempting it can be to have “sex with the ex.” It’s so easy to fall back into your ex’s bed. You’re comfortable with each other. You share the same love for chocolate-covered almonds and Saturday morning antiquing. But wait …

It’s been over for a while. So why do you keep hopping back into bed with someone you’ve deemed undateable?

It’s pretty obvious that sex with an ex is a BIG no-no. Besides the emotional turmoil of sleeping with your ex while he’s technically single (as you are too, don’t forget) and seeing other people, there are also increased health risks.

Couples who break up but remain f*ck buddies are less likely to use condoms, according to a study published in the Journal of Adolescent Research. Since you’ve slept with the person a bunch of times, you tend to be less concerned about using protection.

Also, need we say that sleeping with your ex keeps you from moving on and probably makes you feel like a bag of dog poop?

“Those who¬†stay in contact following a breakup¬†continue to feel the pain of the breakup more intensely and may have more difficulty moving on,” the study reports. “Previous research found that college students who had sex with their exes mostly described this as a ‘difficult or negative event.'”

So there you have it, scientific proof that sex with an ex is bad.

If it’s a matter of loneliness, may we recommend a puppy or some yoga classes? At least the end result would be a cute canine companion or a better toned booty.