Nokyoung Xayasane
January 23, 2013

Beyond Beyonce: 4 Lip-Syncing Scandals That Had Everyone in a Tizzy

Lip syncing. It’s akin to murdering tiny puppies and sacrificing your firstborn, if you listen to some Internet commenters.

Photo credit: Mark Wilson/ Getty Images

Everyone and their grandmother has an opinion about the Beyonce’s lip-synching “scandal” at President Obama’s second inauguration. We all lauded her for her performance, but then when news emerged that Bey might’ve lip-synched to a pre-recorded track, people got red in the face and declared a global betrayal.

Whether you think lip-synching is a sign of the anti-Christ or you find “live” performances moving even if they’re not 100 percent real, you’ll be amused to know this isn’t the first time singers have lip-synced their way to infamy.

1. Milli Vanilli lip-syncs their whole career

Milli Vanilli, pop duo and fans of long dreads, won a Grammy in 1990 for Best New Artist. It came as a huge shocker when their whole album was revealed as fakery. None of the vocals on the tracks were sung by either of the supposed singers. For shame.

2. Ashlee Simpson lip-syncs at SNL, then does a cringe-worthy hoe-down

Ashlee Simpson looked lost when her vocal track starts and she ain’t singing. Solution: do an embarrassing hoe-down and blame it all on your band.

3. Whitney Houston lip-syncs the Star-Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl in 1991

Whitney Houston‘s performance gave everyone goosebumps, but fans were aghast to find that Whitney’s performance wasn’t for realsies. Houston’s former musical director Rickey Minor let it slip that Whitney lip-synced the performance. But still, we know the lady has pipes!

4. Madonna is accused of lip-syncing at Super Bowl XLVI

Madonna’s frenemy Elton John made some snarky comments about Madge before the 2012 Super Bowl. “Make sure you lip-sync good,” advised the singer before retracting his claws. Say it ain’t so, Madge.