Justine Holloway
January 22, 2013

Kindergartner Suspended Over Bubble Gun: Have We Set the World to Stupid?

How about a little Tuesday review of WTF?

We live in an age where mentally disturbed young people (most of whom are on mood-altering prescription drugs) shoot unsuspecting victims en masse, including school children. As a result, a kindergartner can be suspended for bringing a Hello Kitty bubble-shooting gun to school and asking friends if they want to play with it.

I’m not kidding.

Photo via ABC News

Last week, a five-year-old girl at Mount Carmel Area Elementary School in Pennsylvania was suspended for 10 days and forced to undergo a psych evaluation because she brought a “gun” to school — the terrifying instrument of death you see in the photo. She asked other students if they wanted to shoot bubbles at one another. The school said she made a “terrorist threat.”

The girl’s suspension was reduced to two days after a team of mental experts cleared the girl as non-threatening. (Ya think?) The event was so humiliating to the family, they want to change schools. Unfortunately for the little girl, she now has a rap sheet with some intimidating asterisks that will allow other schools to deny her entry and enrollment. She is a threat after all – a serious bubble-squirting threat.

We may talk about the fiscal cliff, but we’ve already gone over the cliff of reason. In the U.S., we have preventable terrorist attacks, fake wars, gross fiscal irresponsibility, mass shootings and recent reports from the CDC that say suicide has become a bigger cause of “injury deaths” than car accidents.

Are we really at a point where parents can no longer suggest kids play silly imaginary games like cops and robbers? Ah, why bother. Let’s just educate (medicate) them to be quiet, sit ’em down with an iPad and explain to them that this is their reality.