Amanda Pendolino
January 21, 2013

Beyonce Takes Out Earpiece During Amazing Obama Inauguration 2013 Performance (VIDEO)

Beyonce took the stage this morning to sing the national anthem for President Obama‘s second inauguration — and she didn’t need an earpiece to help her!

About two-thirds of the way through “The Star Spangled Banner,” Beyonce took out her earpiece, somewhat victoriously. Check out the video of her inspiring performance. (She takes out the earpiece around 1:57.)

We’re not shocked that Beyonce’s performance was amazing — after all, Bey always puts on a great show. But it was her bold earpiece decision that really impressed us, as well as thousands of other fans on Twitter:

Beyonce will perform for the world once again on Sunday, February 3, when Destiny’s Child will reunite for the Superbowl!