Nokyoung Xayasane
January 18, 2013

The 16 Best Pieces of ‘Hunger Games’ Merch for the Hardcore Fan

Hardcore Hunger Games fans, we know you’ve read the whole trilogy and sat in theaters for the movie, but you’re not a real fan unless you’ve snagged some epic Hunger Games merch.

Channel your inner Katniss with a kick-ass jacket and awesome archery set, or even get your pooch in on the fun with an adorable Peeta t-shirt.

Happy Hunger Games shopping! May the odds be ever in your favor and the merch be ever in your possession.

Action figures for kicking ass

Who’s your fave Hunger Games character: Katniss, Peeta or Gale? Maybe you’re a Rue
fan 4 lyfe, or you’ve got a thing for bad boy Cato. Keep your beloved Hunger Games characters close with these awesome collectible action figures.

Source: Amazon.com

Survival kit to keep you safe

Load up your survival gear in this replica District 12 stuff sack, and don’t forget to grab Katniss’ signature weapon: the bow and arrow.

When temperatures drop and there’s tracker jackers to evade, keep stylish and safe with a District 12 training suit and Katniss’ stellar arena jacket.

Source: Amazon.com

iPhone cases to show your solidarity

Cell phones are rare in the harsh regime of the Capitol, but don’t let that stop you from swagging out your iPhone with these Hunger Games cases. Have your pick of our three favorite cases: District 12, Squeeze Peeta’s Buns and May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor.

Propaganda stickers to overthrow the Capitol

Stick on Panem’s symbols of rebellion, hope and survival with this wicked collection of stickers. Solidarity!

Source: Amazon.com

Greasy Sae drinking glass to relieve your thirst

Relax with a bowl of soup and a refreshing beverage at the Hob. Greasy Sae will surely have something brewing for District 12 residents.

Peeta fan shirt for your beloved pup

Don’t forget your little canine friend loves Hunger Games too. Get this adorable Peeta fan shirt for your pooch.

Taylor Swift pick: Mockingjay bracelet with chain

One of The Hunger Games‘ biggest fans is Taylor Swift. The “Red” singer was positively swooning over this bracelet with chain.

Find this and similar bracelets on etsy.com.