Charlotte Hannah
January 18, 2013

Happy International Fetish Day! Here Are 5 Weird Fetishes You Didn’t Know Existed

Today is International Fetish Day, a day on which self-proclaimed perverts let their freak flags fly in support of the kink community and unconventional sexualities. It’s also, I assume, the best day of the year for people who have freak flag fetishes.

So let’s talk about fetishes, shall we? Everybody knows about the more common ones, like foot fetishes, masochism and furry fetishes. In fact, you probably know someone who has one of these kinks, whether you’re aware of it or not.

But the world of fetishes is more diverse than you can imagine and includes things so painfully specific or so incredibly out there that most of us would consider them downright weird. But we love the weird here at Twirlit, so with that in mind, here are five weird fetishes we bet you didn’t know existed.

Please note: When we say “weird” here at Twirlit, we mean it as a term of endearment. As long as you’re not hurting anyone (who doesn’t want to be hurt), get as freaky as you want to, you crazy kinksters.

You’re such a tree-hugger!

Folks with this fetish, which is called dendrophilia, dream of getting it on with something big, hard and… leafy. Yep, dendrophiliacs are aroused by, and sometimes have sex with, trees. Brings a whole new meaning to the term “tree-hugger,” doesn’t it?

Down and dirty

Photo credit: Lionsgate

Taphephiliacs probably really enjoyed the 2010 flick Buried starring Ryan Reynolds – not because it was a taut, claustrophobic thriller that showcased both Ryan’s acting skills and his upper torso, but because it turned them on. People with this fetish are aroused by the thought of being buried alive.

Crash into me

Photo credit: Telefilm Canada

People with symphorophilia have both a theme song (“Warm Leatherette” by The Normal) and a film (Crash, directed by David Cronenberg) about their interesting fetish. Those with this particular kink are turned on by the thought of orchestrating or being involved in car accidents, as well as other accidents such as fires.

You’re a doll

Photo credit: Rialto Distribution

Agalmatophilia refers to a sexual attraction to dolls, mannequins and statues. People with this fetish might be attracted to one particular inanimate object, or get turned on by the thought of becoming one themselves.

I will lift you up

I couldn’t find a Latin name for this fetish, but believe me, it’s real. The “lift/carry” fetish is exactly what it sounds like. People with this fetish are turned on by being lifted, carried or piggybacked by another person.