Nokyoung Xayasane
January 11, 2013

Cute Puppy Teaches Another Cute Puppy How to Make It Down the Stairs (VIDEO)

Photo credit: YouTube.com

We all remember how hard it was to learn how to ride a bike or to master the art of simultaneously walking and texting. We probably don’t remember what it was like to take our first baby steps. This is why we have the magic of the Interweb: To capture and store all those cute baby milestones to share with the world.

Because of that magic, you can watch this cute baby take its first, hesitant steps (with a little help from a friend). Added bonus: Not only is the baby actually a puppy, there are two puppies in this video.

One eight-week-old pup named Daisy just doesn’t know the first thing about making it down the stairs. But wait! Six-month old Simon to the rescue!

Watch as Simon cajoles little Daisy down the stairs. The extra cute part is when Simon braces Daisy with his mouth to ensure her safe descent.

Now that’s what we call team work.