Nokyoung Xayasane
January 09, 2013

Justin Bieber To Host SNL, Tells the Show Nothing Is Off Limits

Via: Jezebel.com

Beliebers, it’s true. Justin Bieber will host Saturday Night Live on Feb. 9.

The Biebs will take on the hosting gig and also perform live for the studio audience.

Sources say Justin is open to any material that’ll be thrown at him. His reps declare nothing is off limits. We’re thinking this will includes spoofs about his pot-smoking ways and the heinous Twitter trend #CuttingForBieber.

Lots of celebrities have made their way to the SNL stage after forays into naughty-ville. Remember when Paris Hilton hosted SNL after her sex-tape scandal, and Alec Baldwin‘s SNL performance after the Words with Friends debacle?

Smart move on Justin’s part. Nothing puts a damper on controversy than someone who can laugh at themselves.