Nokyoung Xayasane
January 08, 2013

#CuttingForBieber Was All a Stupid and Depressing Hoax (Thankfully)


It’s true that people waste a lot of time on the Interweb. I, for one, love posting songs on Facebook. Other people, like 4chan contributers, like to start hoaxes that play on people’s vulnerabilities.

#CuttingForBieber was all a stupid and depressing hoax perpetrated by 4chan members.

We were all crossing our fingers that the self-harming Twitter trend #CuttingForBieber was a non-funny, gross hoax. And it was.

The prank showed tweets and photos of so-called Bieber fans that were allegedly cutting themselves in a bid to get the Biebs to stop smoking marijuana.

So, how did 4chan do it? Be warned: NSFW language and extreme level of douchebaggery lies ahead.

BuzzFeed discovered that 4chan was already working on a follow-up prank called #RememberAddison, in which they pretended that a young girl had died after cutting herself for Bieber.

4chan members hatch plan to start #RememberAddison (Photo credit: BuzzFeed)

It was an elaborate plan that involved making a fake memorial Facebook page called “RIP Addison – a victim for cutforbieber,” a fake Twitter page (@RememberAddison) supposedly started by her “grieving brother,” a fake YouTube channel for Addison, and fake SoundCloud recordings that provided “evidence” for her death.

Photo credit: BuzzFeed

(The tweet refers to a second “victim,” named Mary Jazzy Richards.)

The devious pranksters also made fake blog posts and fake Justin Bieber tweets that point the finger at another social media site called (an enemy of 4chan because of claims that 9gag steals jokes and memes). The theme here is fake, fake, fake.

So, what’s the point of spending all these hours of cooking up a hoax?

Well, it’s got everyone talking about them, if that was their plan. Does 4chan even have an agenda, or is it people who have lots of spare time on their hands? Instead of crafting a homemade rocking horse, learning Gaelic or posting celebrity gossip (ahem), these “masterminds” like to spend time acting like Internet douches.

Let’s hope we don’t see other works of genius like #HangYourselfForBieber or #SelfImmolationForBieber.