Amanda Pendolino
January 08, 2013

15-Year-Old Noah St. John Tells Heartwarming Story of His Lesbian Moms (VIDEO)

Give this video six minutes and you’ll be crying!

15 year-old Noah St. John has won the title of NPR’s “Snap Judgement Performance of the Year” for his heartwarming story about his two moms.

When they took him out for a car ride one night, he thought they were going to announce their divorce — a terrifying thought for a kid who found so much love and comfort in his family. See how it turns out:


He’s so poised and powerful, it’s hard to believe he’s just 15.

We’re reminded of Zach Wahls, the Iowa college student whose heartwarming speech about growing up with two moms went viral.

More proof that kids from all kinds of families are more than fine: they’re articulate, inspirational people. It seems obvious to me, but just a few weeks ago, the Pope claimed that gay rights are an “attack” on traditional notions of family.

The love in Noah’s family doesn’t look like an attack to me.