Nokyoung Xayasane
January 07, 2013

Misguided Justin Bieber Fans Allegedly Start #CuttingForBieber Hashtag to Stop Him From Smoking Weed

Via: TMZ.com

If there’s one thing you know about Justin Bieber, it’s that he has a truckload of fans — fans that would probably sacrifice their firstborn for him. Now, it seems that these crazy overzealous fans have started cutting (self-harming) for him…

Recently, Bieber was in the headlines for smoking weed. Fans have not taken the news well, to say the least. They want Bieber to stop at all costs. This means brutally cutting themselves and tweeting photos of their blood-streaked arms.

“It hurts, but I do it for my Justin,” tweeted one fan.


It’s unclear if this is another Internet hoax. Justin isn’t a newbie when it comes to being the butt of pranks. In the past, some fans were convinced to shave their heads to support Bieber’s alleged cancer diagnosis. The only problem: Bieber did not have cancer. #BaldForBieber didn’t last long, after the 4Chan hoax was uncovered by Reddit users.

We’re crossing our fingers that #CuttingForBieber is all make-believe. Because if it’s true, we live in a sad, sad world.