Nokyoung Xayasane
January 03, 2013

Surprising Celebrity Friendships: Lena Dunham and Taylor Swift

Via: popdust.com

In the Twitterverse, we’re defined by who we follow and who follows us. Girls actress Lena Dunham has been Twitter buddies with Taylor Swift since October.

An unlikely and surprising friendship, yes. But now she’s getting some flack from her fans for liking Taylor.

“When I tweeted that her new album was amazing, everyone of my Twitter followers was like, ‘I so hope that you’re joking,'” said Lena. “But I have no interest in liking anything ironically. If I wanted to be ironic, I’d grow a mustache.”

This is why we love Lena Dunham.

So, how did their Twitter friendship grow and blossom? Taylor started following Lena on Twitter and Lena reciprocated. They’ve sent direct messages to each other (we can only assume there were lots of X’s and O’s). Lena also realized that hardcore T.Swift fans were sending her love.

“You start hearing from all the insane Taylor Swift fans that are like, ‘If Taylor Swift loves you I love you,'” she said.

Well, we love Lena, so does that mean we love Taylor by association? Perhaps not. Maybe a¬†smidgen. But it’s still cool that they’re Internet pals. Girl power and all that stuff, right?

This isn’t the first time famous people have forged unlikely friendships, but it’s certainly nice to see lady celebrities sending each other some Internet love. Excuse us while we cue up an episode of Girls¬†while belting out “I Knew You Were Trouble.”