Pic of the Day
Charlotte Hannah
January 03, 2013

Baby Reaches Out of Womb and Grabs Doctor’s Finger

What do you get when you cross sex ed class mainstay The Miracle of Life with Michelangelo’s famous painting The Creation of Adam? This photo. And a little misty-eyed, apparently.

Photo credit: A Classic Pin-Up Photography

What you’re seeing here is a picture of baby Nevaeh Atkins reaching out of her mother’s womb and grabbing a surgeon’s finger during a C-section delivery. Nevaeh was born on October 9, 2012, and this amazing photo is the result of some quick thinking on the part of both the surgeon and her father, who managed the snap the picture at just the right time.

Nowadays, Nevaeh is happy, healthy and downright adorable — and her parents are stunned by the amount of attention the photo has garnered. It truly is a once in a lifetime shot!

Photo credit: A Classic Pin-Up Photography