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Amanda Pendolino
January 01, 2013

Happy New Year! 5 Reasons 2013 Will Rock for Women

I’ve got high hopes for 2013. 2012 was a little tough on us ladies, what with all the old-fashioned and uninformed arguments about rape and the infamous all-male panel on birth control. But I have faith we can put that all behind us and move forward in 2013, Kim Kardashian-style (what failed marriage?).

The number 13 has long been considered an unlucky number — but I’m optimistic that 2013 will be a lucky year. Here are 5 reasons why 2013 will kick ass for women:

1. Melissa McCarthy

Finally getting the recognition she deserves, Melissa McCarthy is keeping her Bridesmaids buzz going with two new movies: The Heat with Sandra Bullock and Identity Thief with Jason Bateman. She’ll also start filming the comedy Tammy with Shirley MacLaine. I’m definitely looking forward to the laughs Melissa will bring all of us in the new year.

I also love her honest and positive attitude about body image: “Sometimes I wish I were just magically a size six and I never had to give [my weight] a single thought,” she once told The Daily Mail. “But I am weirdly healthy, so I don’t beat myself up about it –- it wouldn’t help, and I don’t want to pass that on to my girls.”

2. Elizabeth Warren

Photo alteration: Twirlit / Photo credit: Elise Amendola/AP

The Senate will now include Elizabeth Warren, who has long fought for equal pay, abortion rights and access to birth control. Even with the fiscal cliff fiasco, I feel a little better about politics knowing that someone is fighting for women and women’s rights!

3. Keeping Facebook private

Lots of new laws are going into effect in 2013. My favorite: In Michigan and Illinois, employers can no longer ask for your social networking login info when screening you as a potential candidate. If you’re lucky enough to live in those states, you won’t need to de-tag those 400 pictures of you getting drunk while dressed as a sexy giraffe at that college safari party!

4. No more Twilight

2013 will include zero Twilight movies. Best news ever! Twi-hards, you’ll have to find something new to obsess over (The Hunger Games, perhaps?). Also, maybe now Kristen Stewart can work on some better movies and smile in photos once in a while.

5. Girls

Season 2 of HBO’s Girls premieres January 13, meaning we’ll finally get more of Lena Dunham‘s brilliance. Lena tweeted that the characters in season 2 can be described as “up to some trouble” – and I’m dying to find out what that is! You can also color me excited that she’s working on a book!