Amanda Pendolino
December 28, 2012

Shopping Shocker: Shark Tank Explodes in Shanghai Mall (VIDEO)

16 people were injured after a shark tank at a mall in Shanghai mysteriously exploded, sending rushing water, glass shards, sharks, fish and turtles out into the shopping center. Take a look at the shocking CCTV footage:

According to The Independent, three sharks and dozens of turtles and small fish were killed in the incident. Officials are investigating what caused the glass of the 33-ton tank to shatter.

Apparently, it’s legal to keep a few kinds of species of sharks as aquarium pets… and a small crack in an aquarium can lead to an aquarium explosion due to pressure on the glass. Scary!

Could you imagine doing some after-Christmas shopping and getting swept away by a torrent of shark-filled water? I’ve never thought of shopping as an extreme activity before. (Of course, if you text while shopping, you are putting yourself in danger of falling into fountains and whatnot.)