Charlotte Hannah
December 28, 2012

Most Popular Celebrity News Stories of 2012

New Year’s Eve is rapidly approaching, which means 2013 (so fresh, clean and full of possibilities!) is just around the corner.

As excited as we are to turn our attention toward the year that will be, we should first glance over our shoulder at the year that was. And what a year it was — especially in the world of celebs.

So, let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? Here are the most popular celebrity news stories we wrote in 2012:

6. Miley Cyrus is not cutting herself in picture of Miley Cyrus cutting herself

Photo credit: Miley Cyrus
Edited by: Twirlit.com

Rumors that Miley Cyrus self-harms have been circulating for just about as long as she’s been famous. But this summer, a picture of Miley appearing to hold a razor to her wrist began to make the rounds, and it seemed to prove those rumors true. I didn’t believe the hype, and set out to prove that the photo didn’t depict Miley self-harming.

That topless photo of Miley Cyrus, though? That was definitely legit.

5. Snooki gives birth to a baby boy

Photo credit: Unknown

On August 26, 2012, the Jersey Shore got itself a new resident: Lorenzo Dominic LaValle, otherwise known as Spawn of Snooki. This was, of course, before Jersey Shore got cancelled — a much simpler time.

4. Paulina Gretzky heats up Instagram with racy photos

Photo credit: Paulina Gretzky, Instagram

Oh, Paulina. Earlier this year, the not-quite-famous daughter of a hockey legend found herself in the midst of a scandal after posting some very racy photos of her “great ones” on Instagram. We were more scandalized by her filter choices, though.

3. Kate Middleton topless photos published

Photo credit: Closer Magazine
Edited by: Twirlit.com

The world was scandalized back in September when a French magazine took and published some extremely grainy but undeniably racy topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge, aka Kate Middleton. The royal handled it in true Kate Middleton fashion, though — with an incredible amount of grace and poise.

2. Lady Gaga weight gain: singer trying to lose 25 pounds

Photo credit: Unknown

Apparently Mother Monster put on a few pounds at some point this year, and the media (in typical fashion) was quick to notice — and to criticize, running headlines like “Lady Gaga Looking Meatier!” (stay classy, media). The singer used this as an opportunity to launch a page on her website called “A Body Revolution 2013,” the aim of which is to encourage her fans to accept their bodies as they are. How awesome is that?

1. Rupert Sanders spotted wearing wedding ring

Photo credit: Unknown

When Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson with married director Rupert Sanders this summer, everyone was thrown into a tizzy. Some were quick to defend K-Stew’s transgression as a mere youthful mistake, while others vilified her as a shameless slut (among other things I don’t even want to print here).

Whatever side you happened to take, you were no doubt interested in reading about all the drama (real and otherwise) that occurred in the wake of the scandal. The articles about Rupert and his wife, as well as K-Stew’s “are they or aren’t they” reunion(s) with R-Pattz were our most popular of 2012.