Charlotte Hannah
December 27, 2012

Pubic Hair Grooming Injuries Are on the Rise

All good things come with a price. Gorging ourselves on our favorite foods sometimes leads to our having to retire our favorite jeans for a while. Sequestering ourselves in our apartments for weeks-long Community marathons is a trade off for having an active social life. More literally, buying that new pair of shoes we just had to have means our wallets take a hit.

This adage also holds true for another one of our new favorite pastimes. As it turns out, endeavoring to have a smooth, hairless pubic region can result in a trip to the emergency room with a very embarrassing injury.

According to HealthDay, the last decade has seen a dramatic rise in two things (other than YOLO and whatever the “Dougie” is): Folks regularly removing their pubic hair, and instances of pubic hair removal-related injuries. These trends are, unsurprisingly, related.

Dr. Allison S. Glass, et al, came to this conclusion after studying incidents of pubic hair removal-related injuries between 2002 and 2010. The team determined that during this time, this type of injury increased five-fold. The majority of injuries were caused by razor-related mishaps, and slightly more than half the patients were women.

Which makes sense, really, because (one assumes) it’s more difficult to drag a set of blades over a complex surface with many peaks and valleys — especially one that you can’t see. For men, at least, the shaving area is a little more straightforward, and a little more visible. Either way though, ouch. Is reading this causing anybody else to cringe uncontrollably?

The moral of this story is, maybe we should start thinking about alternative methods of pubic hair removal. Or investing in hand mirrors. Or just making pubic hair a cool thing to have again.