Charlotte Hannah
December 14, 2012

Pube Study Shows Women More Likely to Have Casual Sex When Shaved

Straight ladies who, uh, “mow the lawn” are having more casual sex, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Researchers looked at how women’s self-grooming habits correlated with their levels and types of sexual activity over a five-week period. The results:

“Pubic hair removal was significantly associated with younger age, a greater interest in sex, vaginal fingering, finger–clitoral stimulation, having a casual sex partner, using vaginal hygiene products, and applying cream to the genitals. Hair removal was marginally associated with longer duration of vaginal penetration.”

Buzzfeed has created an infographic that further explains the results:

So there you have it. Women are more likely to engage in casual sex on days they remove their pubic hair. But why?

It seems to me the answer is pretty simple: People like to present their “best selves” to people they don’t know intimately. In the same way that we try to make a good impression on a first date by dressing up, wearing perfume and telling all our funniest jokes, we also try to make a good impression on a casual sex partner by being well groomed — whatever we consider “well groomed” to be. So if pubic hair removal makes a woman feel more sexy and presentable, then that’s how she’s going to prepare for a casual encounter.

I’ve received some anecdotal evidence that seems to support my theory.

A friend let me in on the phenomenon of women purposely not shaving if they’re going out for the evening and don’t want to hook up with anyone. (Does this actually work? Ladies, chime in). The idea is that if they’re tempted towards casual sex, they’ll remember the “unkempt” state of their lady gardens and choose not to risk the embarrassment that would come with having a guy see them that way.

Of course, we could get into the reasons why these women would find it embarrassing to have a casual sex partner see them in an unshaven state, but perhaps that’s a topic best left to a future post.

Hint: it’s because of BS like this.
Photo credit: PETA

Do you agree with my interpretation of the study? Do you have a different explanation? Let me know in the comments.