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Charlotte Hannah
December 05, 2012

‘Look at This Instagram’ Is a Mashup of the Two Things You Like to Make Fun of the Most (VIDEO)

Photo credit: CollegeHumor

My friends and family know I’m a self-admitted hipster. I listen to music genres like dance punk / electro (you’ve probably never heard of it) and I own a variety of scarves. I also incessantly Instagram things like my food, my cat and my eyes.

I’m not even joking.
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Everyone who knows me also knows I’m not fond of Nickelback. As a Canadian, I’m embarrassed we’re from the same country. As a person with the ability to hear, I’m offended by the noises they make. Plus, they’re just so mainstream, right?

For these reasons, CollegeHumor’s new parody song, “Look at This Instagram,” hits close to home for me. Maybe a little too close.

I’m going to go think about my life choices now. While I’m doing that, feel free to enjoy this hilarious, NSFW-ish video:

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