Nokyoung Xayasane
December 05, 2012

Best Christmas 2012 Gifts for Your Musical Boyfriend

If your boyfriend is anything like mine, he’s a music fanatic. And even though you don’t know how many times you’ve had to listen to the same record over and over again or how many times you’ve feared for your life after wandering into a mosh pit, you love him anyway. So why not show your support for your music obsessed guy’s all-consuming hobby by getting him a music-themed Christmas gift?

Here are our picks for the best presents for your musical boyfriend.

Best mini record player for your guy on the go

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If your guy is a music aficionado, chances are he already owns a record player. But on the off chance he hasn’t yet been introduced to the warm notes that only record players can produce, then go for this mini record player by Crosley. Don’t be fooled by its smaller size — it still packs a hell of an audio punch. This mini can play any of your guy’s 7-inch, 10-inch or 12-inch records.

Best storage unit for all those vintage records


You’ve probably spent many a Sunday afternoon browsing through records at your local record store. But those sweet finds need a home and a place to be stored that isn’t on the living room floor or in that office you never use. The wire racks on this entertainment unit make it super easy to store both his record collection and yours (bonus!). It’s also a perfect place for your guy’s record player.

Best DIY pick maker

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If you’re a musician’s girlfriend, you probably find guitar picks in the most random of places: the laundry hamper, the underwear drawer, the kitty litter box — wherever. Your musical guy probably loses these all the time, but hates to buy them. Get the Pick Punch and he can make his own by transforming his old credit cards or gift cards into handy-dandy picks.

Best and most compatible mixer for your guy’s iPhone, iPod or iPad


iRig MIX is the first mobile mixer of its kind and it’s an awesome gift if your boyfriend records and mixes his own beats or songs. Plus, it’s ultra lightweight and can fit into an iPad case. It has the same controls that are found in a pro DJ mixer, but its audio interface works with tons of music-related apps. Your BF can plug his guitar or bass into the hi-Z input and jam away.

Best quality headphones for your BF’s listening pleasure


Try listening to rad tunes with crappy headphones; it’s horrible, goddammit. Give your music-loving boyfriend the best quality listening experience with these Audio-Technica headphones. They’re super comfortable and offer the highest level of sonic accuracy. Other awesome headphone brands include KRK and AKG, and they’re usually around $100. Avoid headphones like Beats by Dr. Dre, despite what all the spam comments you get on your blog may tell you.

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