Nokyoung Xayasane
December 04, 2012

Britney Spears Impersonator Makes Half a Million a Year (VIDEO)

Via: thesun.co.uk

It definitely pays to be a pop star like Britney Spears, but did you know you can also rake in the cheddar by pretending to be someone famous?

We all thought impersonators just showed up at spoiled kids’ birthday parties or heinous holiday get-togethers and barely made enough money to make rent —  but Britney Spears look-alike Michaela Weeks actually brings in a ridiculous amount of money pretending to be the Circus singer. Well, minus the K-Fed debacle, the shaved head and the mental breakdown.

How much is a “ridiculous amount of money,” you ask?

Weeks rakes in $500,000 a year pretending to be Spears. The 24-year-old look-alike has made appearances around the world and has been honing her craft for the past eight years.

“If I ever get to meet [Britney], I want to thank her for giving me this life,” Weeks gushes to The Sun. The UK native performs “live vocals” and “replica dance routines” at weddings, corporate events and birthday parties, according to her website.

There you go kids; lesson of the day: If you can’t make it — fake it. It could turn out to be more lucrative than getting your own record deal.