Charlotte Hannah
December 03, 2012

Best Christmas 2012 Gifts for Your Geeky Boyfriend

Not sure what to get your boyfriend for Christmas this year? If he’s a geek, a gamer or a gadget guy, we’ve got a few ideas. Here are a few of the best 2012 Christmas gifts for your geek guy:

Best cookbook for the science geek

Photo credit: O’Reilly

Stereotypically, geeks are much more likely to spend every night noshing on an extra-large Meat Lovers’ pizza and a case of Mountain Dew Code Red while watching re-runs of The X-Files, and see nothing wrong with that. If this is a perfect description of your boyfriend, giving him a cookbook for Christmas is the perfect not-so-subtle hint (take it up a notch by including a note that says Taquitos are not a food group). If your boyfriend does enjoy cooking, then Cooking for Geeks will take his enjoyment and his knowledge to the next level.

This cookbook is perfect for geeks of all levels of cooking ability, from the master chef to the hapless, water-burning disaster. Cooking for Geeks delves into the science and psychology of cooking, explaining everything from chemical reactions that occur as food is cooked, to how to “initialize your kitchen.” Oh, and it also has recipes. If your boyfriend is at all interested in science, Cooking for Geeks is sure to be a hit.

Bonus gift: The Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter, for when he starts making his pizza from scratch.

Best affordable, geeky watch


Despite the fact that the ubiquity of the cell phone has essentially made wristwatches obsolete, the functional fashion accessory still maintains a dedicated following. Is your geeky boyfriend one of the wristwatch’s loyal devotees? Even if he isn’t, this awesome LED watch just might convert him.

This surprisingly affordable, futuristic-looking watch uses rows of red and blue LEDs to present the date and time in a unique way. It’s definitely a conversation starter, and an interesting accessory for a geeky dude.

Bonus gift: Complete the futuristic look with a pair of LED Light Up Shoelaces.

Best wireless keyboard

Photo credit: HP

Just because we all love our touchscreen devices doesn’t mean we can’t agree that soft keyboards are the worst. If your boyfriend’s fingertips don’t have the surface area of the head of a pin, he can probably only type on his tablet or other touchscreen device with a great deal of difficulty and frustration. Buy him a wireless keyboard and eliminate texts about how much he hates “this ducking keybvoard” once and for all.

Although this wireless keyboard made for the HP TouchPad, it’ll work with just about any device that’s equipped with Bluetooth – that includes iPads, Android tablets, TVs, you name it.

Bonus gift: Get him some styluses (styli?) for those times when having a wireless keyboard on him just isn’t practical.

Best touchscreen gloves

Photo credit: Timberland

Is your geeky boyfriend constantly glued to his phone, tablet or other touchscreen device? Enable his technology addiction even when it’s chilly outside with a slick pair of touchscreen gloves. With these babies, he can play Angry Birds, take pictures on Instagram and respond to texts from his loving girlfriend even when he’s out in the cold.

There are a ton of different touchscreen gloves on the market, ranging in price from a just a few dollars for a pair to closer to $100. I chose these ones, which are the middle of the pack as far as price, because they’re stylish, they look warm and they have touchscreen functionality on each finger (many styles don’t have this feature).

Bonus gift: If your boyfriend’s going to be using his phone while wearing gloves, his chance of dropping it will increase — gloves are slippery. Get him an OtterBox to protect his device.

Best device for the prevention of “gamer hand”

Photo credit: Clinically Fit Inc.

If your geeky boyfriend spends hours holding a controller, typing on a keyboard or doing whatever else he does with his hands when he’s alone, he might be suffering from a frustrating condition called “gamer hand,” which I just made up. Sounds legit though, right?

But in all seriousness, using a hand exerciser can help your boyfriend strengthen the muscles in his hands and avoid painful strains and cramping caused by repetitive motion. Buying him a hand exerciser is a great way to show him you care about both his health and his kill / death ratio.

Bonus gift: This Logitech speed pad has an ergonomic design that’s apparently more comfortable during long PC gaming sessions.

Best meme of the year

2012 may be almost over, but it’s not too late to help your geeky boyfriend get in on the best meme of the year. By donning this horse head mask, he’ll be able to freak people out, look even better in a suit, have an amusing profile pic for the rest of forever and get all the karma on Reddit.

Bonus gift: I herd u liek memes.

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