Nokyoung Xayasane
November 30, 2012

Tampon Nativity Scene: Unique or Offensive?

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With the Christmas season coming up, we’re starting to think about holiday-themed lists, including cheesy holiday albums, best Christmas movies and, in this special case, strange nativity scenes.

The one that got our attention was a nativity scene created from the well known lady product, the tampon. Baby Jesus lies in a manger and is surrounded by the familiar presence of his mother Mary, Joseph, the three shepherds and an angel. It looks just as the nativity scene should — except everyone’s made of tampons.

Although, some people would call Tampon Baby Jesus pretty tasteless, Mark Oestreicher, who collects nativity scenes, says the tampon Christmas comes from a legitimate craft site — aptly named

He’s an avid Christian who wanted to show the birth of Jesus in fun and whimsical ways. At first the collection began as the “worst nativity sets,” but his view has become more accepting.

“After posting these for years, most of them have moved — in my thinking — from ‘worst’ to ‘awesome.’ There are still a few I think hideous, due to my own subjective criteria. But calling it the ’42 worst nativity sets’ is probably no longer accurate, particularly as I own a few of ‘em,” Oestreicher writes in his blog.

So tampons can now be used for that special time of year along with that special time of month. Next nativity request: bacon Christmas. Oh wait, that’s already a thing.