Charlotte Hannah
November 29, 2012

Woman Grows Beard for Movember

Photo credit: Ken McKay / Rex USA

Siobhain Fletcher is a 36-year-old English woman with polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormonal imbalance that causes her to grow facial hair. She’s also totally fierce. Despite the fact that hair on a woman’s face, with the exception of perfectly sculpted eyebrows, is totally taboo, Siobhain decided to grow her facial hair — for a very good cause.

When Siobhain learned about Movember from a male friend who was participating in the fundraising effort, she decided to use her condition to do some good. So, she set up a Movember fundraising page and grew a freakin’ beard for charity. Think about that next time you bail on an impromptu beach outing because you forgot to shave your legs.

“I pointed out that he had a bit of face fuzz, and asked about it. He told me about ‘Movember,’ and in a spur of the moment decision, I decided to grow mine,” Siobhain told ABC News. “It helps people get checked for prostate and testicular cancer, and hopefully people will, instead of going to a funeral, be going to a remission party.”

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, Siobhain explained that she hoped her willingness to risk embarrassment by sporting a beard would inspire men to risk the potential embarrassment of getting a prostate exam.

“If I can go out on the street with a beard or moustache for a month, then surely men who are experiencing health problems can go and get themselves tested,” she said.

Rock on, Siobhain.