Charlotte Hannah
November 20, 2012

Russell Brand Interviewed Westboro Baptist Church Members (VIDEO)

Photo credit: FX

So, first thing’s first. Did you guys know that Russell Brand has a talk show? I didn’t, but maybe I’m just out of the loop. In case you weren’t aware, the show is called Brand X, and it recently featured two very interesting guests.

Steve Drain and Timothy Phelps are members of the Westboro Baptist Church – yes, the same Westboro Baptist Church that shows up at the funerals of gay people, soldiers, celebrities and children yelling and waving hateful signs. The two recently popped by Brand X to talk about their strange religion.

The church members began the interview by giving Brand a craft they made for him: his very own Westboro Baptist Church protest sign declaring him “Fag Pimp Brand,” whatever that means. Those of you who have seen either of (the very attractive) Louis Theroux’s excellent documentaries on the church know this is a common practice of theirs.

Call me, Louis.
Photo credit: BBC News

What followed was ten minutes of Brand making a number of heroic attempts to engage the church members in a discussion about the origins of the WBC’s beliefs and the reasoning behind their hate.

For a while, it worked. If you can ignore the fact that they referred to Brand as “advocate for Satan,” Drain and Phelps actually did take the time to try to explain their strange and often contradictory beliefs. It’s certainly more productive than screaming and brandishing incredibly offensive signs.

Photo credit: National Post

What’s even more impressive and surprising is that Brand maintained control over his audience, shushing them a few times to allow Drain and Phelps to speak. And while he obviously doesn’t respect or agree with the two men, Brand did seem genuinely interested in hearing their opinions, as misguided as they may be.

Be sure to watch the whole video – the part where Brand brings out his gay friends at the end is pure gold.