Charlotte Hannah
November 19, 2012

Jon Gnarr, Mayor of Iceland’s Capital, Has Something to Say About Homophobia


In case you weren’t aware, France is currently trying to pass a bill that will legalize same-sex marriage and gay adoption — and a lot of people aren’t happy about it. Over the last few months, huge protests, like this one, have been cropping up all over the country.

Here in North America, many of us tend to think of Europe as a place of enlightenment and increased social freedoms. These protests, however, are a sobering reminder that homophobia exists across the globe.

“A child needs a father and a mother, he needs the paternal and the maternal side and with this bill that might not be possible any more,” French protester Marthe Vignault told the BBC.

Sound familiar?

Thankfully, while homophobia does exist just about everywhere, so do those who oppose it. Jon Gnarr, mayor of Reykjavik (which is Iceland’s capital and its biggest city), has something to say about the homophobes who organize and attend the protests in France.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.