Charlotte Hannah
November 16, 2012

Do You Practice Safe Sexting?

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Every one of us, at some point, has heard a horror story of sexting gone horribly awry. Usually, these stories revolve around a sext that found its way into the wrong hands. If, after hearing these tales of woe, you’re still interested in this whole sexting thing, you probably want to know how you can avoid the same fate. So, what’s a girl to do?

Just like with regular, IRL sex, when it comes to sexting, the only way to truly avoid mishaps is to practice sexting abstinence. But, since we all know how well abstinence-only education tends to work out, here are some tips for practicing safe sexting.

Sext on, you crazy kids.

1. Don’t show your face

We know it’s you, Rihanna.
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In the unfortunate event that your sext makes its way onto the Intertubes, it’s going to be pretty hard to deny that it belongs to you if it includes your smiling mug or your extremely recognizable underboob tattoo.

Without your face or any other identifying features in the photo, it’s harder for people to figure out who you are. It’s not a great solution, nor is it foolproof, but it’s a start.

2. Only sext with people you trust


According to a study done by MTV and the Associated Press, 17 percent of people who have received a sext have shared it with others. Not cool, you guys. Say it with me now: sexts are sacred. If someone likes you enough to send you a picture of their junk, you’ve obviously got a relationship that deserves to be cherished. Don’t ruin it (and possibly someone’s life) by being a douche.

But, as uncool as it may be to share a private sext with your friends, it just goes to show you can’t sext just anyone. As much as you may want to send a picture of your boobs to that hot barista you just met, you’re better off saving your sexy texts for someone you really trust.

Oh, but if you are going to sext your barista, make sure you include the message, “I’ve got your extra-hot organic double-whip right here,” because that’s hilarious.

3. Ask the recipient to delete the sext afterward

This message will self-destruct in 15 seconds.
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I know, this one sounds kind of counterproductive. What’s the point of sending a sext that the recipient can’t… uh… “enjoy” later? But if you don’t ensure your sext partner deletes your sexy photo after they’ve looked at it, you’re taking a big risk. After all, you don’t know they won’t use it against you if things go sour down the line. And even if you know your sext partner wouldn’t do that, you can’t be sure their phone won’t get lost or stolen, or that your sexy snaps won’t get accidentally forwarded. Better safe than sorry, right?

While the best way to make sure your sext gets deleted is to have the recipient do it while you watch (you could totally turn that process into foreplay – be creative, ladies), there’s also an app for that. DiviMe and SnapChat are both apps that allow you to control how long the recipient can see your text for before it “self-destructs”. Get your sext partners on DiviMe or SnapChat and you can send pics (relatively) worry free.

4. Lock it down

Well, that’s one way to do it.

For reasons that extend far beyond keeping your sexy pictures under wraps, lock your phone (and have your sext partner lock theirs too). You don’t want some random picking up your phone and getting an eyeful of a sext you haven’t had the chance to delete yet.

Secondly, if you are going to save pictures (you bad girl, you – we talked about this), save them (or instruct your sext partner to save them) on an SD card rather than on the phone itself. And make sure you save them in a folder other than the one you normally save pictures in. Trust me on this.

Finally, if you or your sext partner are too lazy to get your hands on an SD card, at least use an app like Vault to lock down the folder where you keep your sexy snaps. It could mean the difference between sexy fun times and having pictures fall into the wrong hands.