Charlotte Hannah
November 13, 2012

7 Weird Body Modifications You Have to See to Believe (PHOTOS)

Here at Twirlit, we love everything weird – from robot sex to “Anime Girl” to furries and beyond.

So today, we decided to celebrate the weird and wonderful world of body modification. And no, we’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill tattoos and piercings here – these mods are extreme.

I decided to stick with mods that are relatively safe for work, which is why you won’t find any pictures of pearling, genital bisection or nipple removal (no, I’m not linking to those – search for them at your own risk). If you’re particularly squeamish, however, you might want to read about Justin and Selena’s breakup instead.

7. I’ve got you under my skin

Subdermal implants are made of molded silicone or Teflon, and can be just about any shape. They’re inserted completely under the skin to create a raised design.

Fun fact: The Enigma was on The X-Files once.

Magnets can also be implanted under the skin, usually in the tips of the fingers, to give a person the ability to feel magnetic fields and do neat party tricks.

Transdermal implants, like subdermal implants, are placed beneath the skin. The difference is, as the name implies, transdermal implants protrude from the skin.


6. It’s a stretch

These days, stretched ears are pretty commonplace – it’s more likely you know someone with stretched lobes than not.

But stretching isn’t just limited to the ear lobes. In fact, it’s possible to stretch just about any non-cartilage piercing to some degree –- and people do.



5. Eye like to be different

If you’ve had your entire body tattooed and don’t know where to go from there, eyeball tattooing is probably for you. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

This is honestly the least gross picture I could find of an eyeball tattoo.

4. Speak of the devil

Tongue splitting is exactly what it sounds like. There are a variety of methods by which a tongue can be split, but the end result is a tongue that’s split down the middle. People with split tongues can train themselves to move each side independently. Awesome!


3. Is that an ear point or are you just happy to see me?

Ear pointing is generally believed to have been invented by body modification artist Steve Haworth. To create a pointed ear, a small wedge is cut out of the top of the ear and the incision is sutured up. For such a simple procedure, the results are striking.

Photo credit: Jonathan Martinez

2. Corsets: Not just for the 1800s anymore

Although corsets aren’t nearly as popular today as they were 200 years ago, they still have their place in the BDSM and body modification scenes. Tightlacing is the practice of wearing very tight corsets to create a tiny waist – permanently. Cathie Jung currently holds the world record for the world’s smallest waist (15 inches, corseted), which she achieved by tightlacing.

This isn’t Photoshop. It’s Cathie Jung.
Photo credit: Guinness World Records

1. Lock, stock and … bagel?

Bagel heads are apparently a new trend in Japan. Becoming a bagel head involves having saline solution injected into one’s forehead, and a thumb pressed into the middle to create a depression. The result is a forehead that has the appearance of a bagel – and a whole lot of WTF.