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Nokyoung Xayasane
November 08, 2012

Keeping Your Instagram Creep Free: It’s Easy

Sharing your photos is great, and it can be lots of fun. Instagram gives you an easy way to share your photos with friends. Plus, the filters can give your photos a retro feel or a more vibrant touch. (No, this isn’t an ad for Instagram.)

But with any type of social networking or photo-sharing site or app, there’s always the question of privacy. It used to be that the only way to find your friends on Instagram was to scroll through your phone until you found the person you wanted to follow.

Not anymore. Now people can easily search for your Instagram profile by typing “[Insert person’s name]” into their web browser.

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This makes it a lot easier for people to find you. Voila.

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What to do if you’re not Lady Gaga and don’t want randoms gawking at you?

Right now, I have my photos set to private so I don’t have to worry about it. I have to approve a person before they can follow me. Also, who’d want to know what I ate for dinner last night except my friends? Oh right — random creeps.

If having a public Instagram profile doesn’t bother you, that’s cool. But if you’re a person who likes to hole up in a log cabin on occasion or you just have a penchant for private time, then it’s easy to keep your Instagram creep free.

Just go into the app, click on the gear setting (on the right) and switch Photos Are Private to “ON.” It’s pretty simple.


Also, if you’re concerned about apps having access to your bikini Facebook photos, there’s a way to deal with that too.

All right, now back to taking photos of my lunch.