Nokyoung Xayasane
October 29, 2012

‘Sexy Time’ Halloween Costumes 2012: Guys vs. Girls (PHOTOS)

With everyone coming down from the sugar highs of this weekend’s Halloween parties, let’s take this time to reminisce about all the costumes we’ve seen so far. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some Angry Birds, mermaids, Betty Draper, Team Zissou, Green Eggs and Hamlet, zombies and superheroes. But as we know, not all Halloween costumes are created equal: some are more creative, some are more elaborate and some are downright sexy.

We’ve seem some dudes who are trying to remove that gender barrier between sexy Halloween costumes. Kudos to them — plus laughs for us. But no matter how we shake or shimmy the issue, there are obvious disparities between Halloween costumes for guys and gals.

In this year’s battle of the sexes, we bring you Sexytime Halloween Costumes 2012: Guys vs. Girls.

Is it just me or do people really like to dress up as food? Maybe it has something to do with eating or drawing attention to the mouth and sexiness. Or people just really like beer and corn on the cob. What do you think of these stark differences between guys’ and girls’ costumes? Does it bring to mind sexytime or sexy overtime?

Lime Lovin’

Cheers! Bottoms up! Bottoms on?

Not So Angry Birds

Gettin’ in “Touch” with Nature

Sailors: Standin’ at Attention

Corn: Husky and Harlot?

Takin’ a Bite out of Modesty

WWXD: What Would Xena Do?

The Riddler: Riddling Differences?

Gumby: Great or Gaudy?

Sexy lime wedge, sexy corn, sexy shark photo credit:
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Would Would Gumby Think?