Charlotte Hannah
October 22, 2012

We’re Adults at Age 28, Says Survey

Kim Kardashian is 32. I think we can all agree that she’s not an adult.
Photo credit: Unknown. Via: Omg.Yahoo.com

At what age does a person become “old”? And what does “old” even mean? A recent, survey of over 1000 respondents, taken by sugar daddy dating site SeekingArrangement.com, pegs the magic number at 28.

The most popular answer, given by 37 percent of women and 39 percent of men, to the question, “when is a person no longer young?” was 28. Respondents also gave criteria for determining whether or not you’re a grownup. According to the Daily Mail (which naturally presented the survey with a “women expire and turn into dried up husks at 28!” slant), they are as follows:

“1. Your career is more important than your sex life.
2. You switch from listening to Radio 1 to Radio 2.
3. You want to buy a property rather than rent.
4. You have no idea what is number 1 in the charts.
5. You start looking for a husband/wife rather a boyfriend or girlfriend.
6. You prefer Strictly Come Dancing to X Factor.
7. You would rather go on holiday with a person you are in a relationship with than a group of friends.
8. You would rather cook for yourself than rely on a ready meal or takeaway.
9. You would rather live on your own than share a flat or house.
10. You stop going to nightclubs.”

Obviously, this was not a particularly scientific survey. Many of these answers apply to anyone who’s an introvert, or who’s done the whole “renting and roommates” thing and wants to have their own space (hello!).

It was, however, a good jumping-off point for a discussion about age, adulthood, and what those things mean. While I don’t believe that there’s a magic age at which a person crosses the threshold from child to adult, I am curious about how people define “adulthood”.

Does adulthood happen when we move out of our parents’ homes, get married, or have children?

Does it happen when we develop a keen sense of our mortality and begin to act in accordance with that?

Does it happen when we’re willing to sacrifice personal comfort and pleasure for our ideals, or for the benefit of someone else?

Is becoming an adult something that occurs over a short period of time (say, anywhere from a moment to a year), or is it an ongoing process that never really ends?

How do you define “adulthood”? What qualities does an adult have? When did you (or will you) know you’re an adult? Let’s talk about it in the comments.