Charlotte Hannah
October 19, 2012

‘Cookin’ With Coolio’ and Other Weird Celebrity Books You Didn’t Know Existed (PHOTOS)

These days, it seems like even the most D-list of D-list celebrities are releasing autobiographies (or “autobiographies”, if you know what I mean). But believe it or not, there’s actually a significant number of celebs who have tried to make a go at writing about something other than themselves – with varying levels of success.

Here are a few weird celebrity books that you didn’t know existed:

Cookin’ With Coolio: 5 Star Meals at a 1 Star Price – Coolio


Photo credit: Atria Books

Coolio’s best-known song, ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’, features the line, “Everybody’s running, but half of them ain’t looking / What’s going on in the kitchen, but I don’t know what’s cookin'”. Now we know why — Coolio is actually a very accomplished chef. In addition to this cookbook, he also has an amazing cooking show on YouTube.

Amazon description


“Coolio started making thirty-minute meals when he was ten years old and has since developed a whole new cuisine: Ghetto Gourmet. His recipes are built around solid comfort foods with a healthy twist that don’t break the bank. Start your Ghetto Gourmet adventure with some “Soul Rolls,” follow-up with “Finger-Lickin’, Rib-Stickin’, Fall-Off-the-Bone-and-into-Your-Mouth Chicken,” and fi nish off with “Banana Ba-ba-ba-bread” sweetened with golden honey. Chapters such as “How to Become a Kitchen Pimp,” “Chillin’ and Grillin’,” and “Pasta Like a Rasta” will guide you through creating 5 star meals at a 1 star price. You can’t fi nd fusions like Blasian (black Asian) or Ghettalian (ghetto Italian) in restaurants, but you can have them cooking away in your kitchen faster and easier than ordering takeout. As Coolio says, “All you need is a little bit of food, and a little bit of know-how.””

Choice review

“Liked the cook book for its humor. I had a hard time getting the lingo for measurements. I repeatedly had to refer to the index for the exact conversion from drug dealer to Julia Child. It was fun and basic.”

By: Rhodeymark

Wild – Fabio


Photo credit: Pinnacle

Yes, the beefcake who appeared on the covers of hundreds of romance novels “wrote” (with the help of co-authors, naturally) an entire series of romance novels of his own. And, obviously, he appeared on the covers of all of them.

Amazon description

“While working on the luxury estate of a Miami businessman, A. J. Sutton become involved in a torrid love affair with the gorgeous Marco Esteves, but a shocking murder compels A. J. to flee for her life and forces her to choose between her fears and love. Original.”

Choice review

“It is so refreshing to beable to read a book of this magnitud. The caricturs were real to life and the relationship between them was hot .Fabio is the Lord Byron of the 90es a man not afread to express his fantisys whith the worald. I could not put the book down and it as his first book Pireat healped me through a realy hard time. I thouight it was as good as the others.Feel free to E-mail me.”

By: A Customer

Trouble Dolls – Jimmy Buffet


Photo credit: Sandpiper

Believe it or not, Jimmy Buffet, who once wasted away in ‘Margaritaville’ and ate a ‘Cheeseburger in Paradise’, is also a fairly successful children’s book author. Who knew?

Amazon description

“When Lizzy Rhinehart’s father is lost in the Florida Everglades, she calls on the help of her golden retriever, tiny Guatemalan “trouble dolls,” and a magic blue macaw to save him before a ferocious storm begins. “A welcome blend of myth and reality, set in modern times but connected by folklore to the world of animals and magic.”–Publishers Weekly”

Choice review

“I read this book and JOLLY MON to my fourth and fifth grade students. They LOVED it and wanted to know if he had written any more books. The story is sweet and my students were impressed with Lizzie’s courage and sailing ability.”

By: Karen

Mr. Peabody’s Apples – Madonna


Photo credit: Callaway

Jimmy Buffett isn’t the only celebrity who moonlights as a children’s book author. In fact, he’s in pretty good company. Hell, even Madonna — yes, the Madonna who depicted the French opposition leader with a swastika on her head at a recent concert — wrote a bunch of children’s books, including the innocuously-named Mr. Peabody’s Apples.

Amazon description

“Mr. Peabody’s Apples takes place in 1949 in Happville, USA. Mr. Peabody is the beloved elementary school teacher and baseball coach, who one day finds himself ostracized when rumors spread through the small town. Mr. Peabody silences the gossip with an unforgettable and poignant lesson about how we must choose our words carefully to avoid causing harm to others.

“Madonna dedicates Mr. Peabody’s Apples to teachers everywhere.”

Choice review

“Madonna’s second story
Is better than her first
It shows that when you see something
You always think the worst

The little town of Happville
Is the setting for this book
And if you have a pre-teen kid
You should give it a look

The illustrations by themselves
Will justify your dime
And if your kid’s a tattletale
It’s more than worth your time

It’s easy to malign someone
But hard to take it back
Once the damage has been done
You’ve thrown someone off track

If you’ve a pre-teen boy or girl
This little book’s a keeper
Buy the three or five pack set
And get it even cheaper”

By: Amanda Richards