Charlotte Hannah
October 18, 2012

Lost Boy Was Kept Warm and Safe by Puppies (PHOTOS)

When 10-year-old Kyle Camp went missing on Tuesday evening, the people of Marion County, Alabama feared the worst.

A team of over 150 local volunteers spent the whole night searching for Kyle, with the help of a State Trooper helicopter. After a 15-hour search, they found him, alive and well, on Wednesday morning – with the help of some fuzzy friends.

“I heard the dogs barking again and followed him down there and started hollering for the puppies and I hollered for him and he hollered back. He was in the creek about a half a mile over the ridge,” volunteer Jamie Swinney told WAFF 48 News.

Police believe Kyle, who has Down syndrome, followed his family’s dog into a nearby wooded area and became lost. They also believe the dog’s puppies kept him warm during the cold night.

Photo credit: WAFF 48 News

It’s always nice to see a story — especially one about a lost child — that has a happy ending. In honor of Kyle’s puppy saviors, here are a few pictures of adorable piles of puppies:

Photo credit: MSNBC

Photo credit: Unknown. Via: CuteHeaven.com

Photo credit: Greensh, Flickr