Nokyoung Xayasane
October 12, 2012

‘The Situation’ and PETA Demand That You Neuter Your Kitten (PHOTOS)

Hey, just because Jersey Shore has come to a (much-needed and prayed-for) culmination, doesn’t mean that “The Situation” has to be out of work. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino teams up with animal rights “activists” PETA to demand that you neuter your feline friend.

PETA teams up with the GTL (gym, tan, laundry) enthusiast. Could PETA get any worse? Yes. As proven in the headline.

What could this partnership lead to? It leads to this…

‘The Situation” sports a regal red cap, a pair of jeans, and is surrounded by a slew of pussycats. We already know where this is leading, no? Sorrentino informs us, or rather PETA and Sorrentino (SoPETA?), that “Too Much Pu**Y Can Be a Bad Thing.” Did everyone get that? Write it down lest you forget.

What’s the point of this ad, anyways? Yes, neuter your animals, specifically your kitten, but I think Bob Barker has done a better job during his time on The Price’s Right than PETA has ever done for domestic animal overpopulation.

We’d trade 7.5 Sorrentinos for one Bob Barker (Via: celebrific.com).

What do they do besides shame Lady Gaga and flour bomb fur wearers like Kim Kardashian? This ad is by no means one of their more shocking marketing strategies; their scare tactics and cheese-riddled attempts do more to hinder animal rights activism than to help it. Pairing sex with animal rights, having a person die of heat exhaustion in a car, comparing killing animals to the Holocaust. Why? Because they can and extremist love an extreme image.

Well, here’s another ad that’s marketed with sexual overtones. PETA will you ever learn?