Nokyoung Xayasane
October 10, 2012

Ben Affleck Wasn’t Trying to Go for the Justin Bieber ’Do (PHOTO)

Ben Affleck is in a movie called Argo, which he also directs and stars in. It’s a drama that’s based on the hostage events in the Iranian-American Embassy during the the early ’80s. But what has people talking is not the suspense filled scenes and the Oscar buzz–but rather, his hair.

In it, he inadvertently channels his inner Biebs (circa: when JB was around 16 years old). “When I first started growing out the hairdo, in all the magazines, it was like, ‘Ben Affleck is trying to have Justin Bieber’s hair,'” says Affleck. “I had to go and look it up, ‘What does Justin Bieber’s hair look like? That’s not ’70s. That would f— up the whole thing.'”

Affleck was trying to go for a sophisticated shag or a Kurt Russell inspired ‘do, but only caught the eyes of Beliebers. What did his castmates think of the Biebs cut?

Photo credit: Warner Bros.

“It was very groovy,” said John Goodman, alluding, most likely, to the ’70s flavor.

“Ben’s hair looked like a mop to me,” quips Bryan Cranston. “Like after you’ve cleaned the kitchen floor you take it off and put it on his head, it was going everywhere. It was unruly.”

Haha, ouch. I don’t think Ben looks bad at all, but not everyone has a penchant for longer hair and a lumberjack-esque beard. At least Ben was able to let out his inner Biebs.