Nokyoung Xayasane
October 09, 2012

‘Titanic’ Error: Jack Dawson Could’ve Totally Survived (VIDEO)

“You know, all I have to do is scooch over a bit.” (Photo credit: Titanic.)

Imagine this: You’ve believed in something for so long that it’s become ingrained in you, like, it’s a part of you–an extension of your very being. This is how I felt about the plot for Titanic. This was how I dealt with Jack Dawson’s death: He had to die in order to save Rose. He had to. But then BAM! My world turned upside down when I discovered this mind-blowing revelation: Jack Dawson could’ve totally survived. And I didn’t have to spend all those hours, weeping.

Titanic, why do you toy with me so? The controversy has lived on since Titanic‘s debut. Could Jack have survived? Many fans believe so, and have posted photos of the different positions that the star-crossed lovers could’ve taken. But it wasn’t until Discovery Channel’s MythBusters took on the task did the mystery begin to unravel.

Some of the board positions that could have saved Jack’s life (Via Slashfilm).

This hotly debated issue was resolved once and for all. Check out the MythBusters clip in which Jamie Hyneman takes on the role of Rose and Adam Savage plays the doomed Jack. Alas, one cannot turn back cinematic time, and us fans will have to soothe ourselves with the knowledge that the past cannot be changed. But why did Jack have to die, why?! Answer: Because James Cameron said so. (We’ll never let go…)