Charlotte Hannah
October 04, 2012

Man Steals iPhone from a Baby (VIDEO)

The phrase “like taking candy from a baby” needs a modern update. With what we now know about the effects of refined sugars on tooth decay and childhood obesity, we really shouldn’t be encouraging that babies have any kind of relationship with candy with our outdated idioms. I’d like to suggest a replacement that, after an incident that occurred on September 22nd, just might catch on: “like taking an iPhone from a baby”.

This actually happened. 20-month-old Luella Evans was kickin’ it in her stroller, taking in an episode of Barney on her mom’s iPhone, when an old man snatched the mobile from her hands. Her mother, who had let Luella use her phone to keep her occupied while she shopped, had stepped away from the stroller for a moment when the man swooped in.

In keeping with the original idiom, the act of taking an iPhone from a baby did look pretty easy – the whole thing was over in just a few seconds.

When she heard her daughter say, “Mummy, Barney gone, gone,” the mother turned around to discover that the phone was nowhere to be found. A review of the store’s CCTV footage revealed how the phone went missing.

Unfortunately (though unsurprisingly), many have been quick to lambast Luella’s mother for what they perceive to be irresponsible parenting. What kind of mother would give an expensive electronic device to a baby? What kind of mother takes her eyes off her child while in a store?

How about the kind who wants to keep her kid from pitching a fit for long enough to get her shopping done? Or the kind who rightly doesn’t expect that a grown man will, in a crowded store in front of a CCTV camera, steal an iPhone from a child?

What do you think? Was Luella’s mother wrong in handing her an iPhone to pacify her? Does taking one’s eyes off one’s child for a few moments make one an unfit parent? Let us know.