Charlotte Hannah
October 02, 2012

Rebel Wilson Sings ‘Edge of Glory’, Bryan Cranston is Afraid (VIDEO)

On the Tonight Show last night, Australian actress Rebel Wilson did an impromptu (and very energetic) performance of Edge of Glory – endearing herself to the audience and freaking out Bryan Cranston all at once.

It began when Jay Leno was interviewing her about her role as Fat Amy in the new comedy Pitch Perfect. Jay asked her if she could give us a sample of the song she chose to sing for her audition, so Rebel decided to recreate the audition by belting out Lady Gaga’s Edge of Glory live in the studio. She even added a bit of chest-pounding body percussion to kick things up a notch.

Speaking of kicking things, at one point during the short performance, Rebel kicked off her heels, prompting actor Bryan Cranston to duck for cover beneath a couch cushion.

Check out the hilarious video, below: