Charlotte Hannah
October 01, 2012

Looking at Baby Animals Improves Productivity (PHOTOS OF BABY ANIMALS)

According to a new Japanese study, looking at pictures of cute baby animals can help you focus and be more careful – thereby increasing your productivity. This goes against everything I knew about looking at pictures of baby animals, but hey, I’ll take it.

The method used to come to this conclusion was pretty simple: for the first part of the study, researchers had students look at pictures of various things, and then play a game similar to Operation immediately afterward. For the second part, a different set of students had to look at the pictures, and then play a game in which they looked at groups of numbers and determine how many times a particular digit appeared within three minutes.

For both parts of the experiment, the students were divided into three groups, and each group looked at different pictures before performing their tasks. The first group looked at pictures of adult animals. The second looked at pictures of appetizing food. The third looked at pictures of baby animals.

As you’ve probably guessed, the baby animals group did better in both tasks. Look at this graph:

So, in honor of a study that’s basically begging us to spend the rest of the day looking at pictures of baby animals, here are some pictures of baby animals, because science. Please report back here in the comments and let us know what you accomplished after viewing these pictures: