Nokyoung Xayasane
September 19, 2012

World’s First Liliger Born at Russian Zoo (VIDEO)

Meet Kiara: the world’s first liliger. No, we didn’t stutter. Kiara is a cross between an African lion and a liger (a hybrid between a lion and a tiger).

Kiara was born at the Russain zoo last month. The proud parents are a male African lion and a liger mother. Their interspecies lovin’ birthed Kiara–the only liliger of her kind.

To spread out the species lovin’ even more: Kiara is being cared for by a domestic house cat. The cub’s mom isn’t able to provide her little one with enough milk, so a house cat named Dasha is supplying the cub with her needed nutrition.

Talk about a modern family.

Kiara will be spending time with both her larger feline family and her smaller weaning nurse/milk mom.

No word yet if anyone has passed out from the cuteness.

Kiara the liliger with Dasha the house cat

What? You’ve never seen a liliger before?