Nokyoung Xayasane
September 18, 2012

‘Sh*t Girls Say’ is Back! (VIDEO)

“You could you NOT do that please?”

Ah, yes! Shit Girls Say is back, and we couldn’t be happier. Our brunette tressed heroine (?) returns with shit that we definitely say. I like to think of it as girl reflections through a man’s mirror.

It’s funny because it’s true.

Also, the viral videos that spawned many parodies like Shit Guys Say and Shit (fill-in-with-ethnicity) Say will be a book. Nothing beats the on-point commentary about most girls today. Yes, I understand we’re not all like this, all the time, but sometimes at least — let’s admit it.

Here’s the newest episode of Shit Girls Say:

“I keep thinking today’s Tuesday.” Wait, it, like, totally is.

Also, if you missed episodes 1 through 3, check out their website. You’re very welcome.