Charlotte Hannah
September 18, 2012

Reporter Makes Kid Cry on Live TV (VIDEO)

A KDVR reporter named Dan Daru brought a young boy to tears on live TV last week when he likened the boy’s hair to that of Albert Einstein.

Daru was covering the Fall Harvest Festival in Colorado when he decided to address a young child sitting in a stroller. In an attempt to make a joke, Dan mentioned E=MC squared, a crack at the kid’s fluffy mop of blonde hair.

It was then that the already ornery-looking boy burst into tears.

“This is terrible,” said Dan, looking uncomfortable as the anchors in the newsroom cracked up.

Dan tried to fix the situation by singing a little ditty from The Wizard of Oz, but the damage had already been done.

Later that day, Daru caught up with the boy again and tried to make amends by asking for a hug. He was denied.