Charlotte Hannah
September 17, 2012

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Use Paparazzi to Promote Charity (PHOTO)

Usually, when a celebrity wants to send a message to the paparazzi, they do so in the form of a raised middle finger or some choice words. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield took a much classier route over the weekend when they used the paparazzi to promote their favorite charities.

Garfield and Stone were dining in a New York City restaurant over the weekend when they realized that a pack of paparazzi were outside, waiting for them to emerge. Rather than get angry or try to sneak away, the cute couple quickly whipped up some cardboard signs to show off to the paps when they exited the restaurant.

“We just found out that there were paparazzi outside the restaurant we were eating in. So…Why not take this opportunity to bring attention to organizations that need and deserve it: www.wwo.org and gildasclubnyc.org. Have a good day!,” read the signs.

Rather than going the Marilyn Manson route and trying to ruin paparazzi shots by covering themselves in profanities, Garfield and Stone used the opportunity to promote the Worldwide Orphans Foundation and Gilda’s Club NYC. Awesome!

It looks like the Spider-Man stars really understand that with great power, comes great responsibility. It’s always nice to see celebrities using their power for good.