Nokyoung Xayasane
September 13, 2012

‘X-Factor’ Highlights: Demi Lovato and Britney Spears Love ‘Emblem 3’ (VIDEO)

X-Factor debuted last night to a lot of fanfare. No doubt, all the Britney and Demi fans were out in high gear. It’s definitely pleasant to see Britney taking charge on the judges’ table, and her facial expressions are varied and on-point.

A lot of things went down last night on X-Factor: Demi’s single tear from Jillian Jensen’s rendition of Who You Are, Simon Cowell shedding a few tears proving that he indeed, has a heart, and a performer calling out Demi on her autotuned songs.

But the house was brought down by the trio known as Emblem 3. Wes, Drew, and Keitan decided to mix it up by performing their original song Sunset Boulevard. L.A. Reid asked the boys if the song was a hit, and they were confident that it was.

It definitely elicited screams from the X-Factor audience and rave reviews from the judges. We have a feeling Emblem 3 will go far on the show (if the starry-eyed lady fans have anything to say about it.)

Check out their “funky” and “smooth” number.