Charlotte Hannah
September 12, 2012

Justin Bieber Shows Overzealous Fan His ‘Um, No’ Face (PHOTOS)

If there’s anything we know about Justin Bieber fangirls (otherwise known as ‘Beliebers’), it’s that they possess an overwhelming enthusiasm about their favorite pop star. These hordes of Beliebers are quick to jump all over anyone who dares poke fun at their beloved Biebs, and if these pictures are any indication, they’re also quick to jump all over the Biebs himself.

These photos were taken in London the other day, where Bieber is doing a press tour for his soon-to-be released autobiography, Just Getting Started. As you can see, one teenage Belieber got a little too up close and personal with the 18-year-old ‘swaggy adult’. While the Biebs looked like he was trying to stay classy about the uninvited PDA, his discomfort was written all over his face.

So, despite his recent confession to Ryan Seacrest that he, “doesn’t want to be another teen heartthrob,” it seems that for the time being, that’s exactly what he is.

Check out the pictures below and tell us: does Biebs look grossed out, or super grossed out?


B*tch, please.